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Learn how to play the Harmonica
Music is a marvellous gift, and the harmonica is a part of that gift. Like other forms of music, the harmonica enables people to express emotions that are normally hiding. It helps influence our emotions, as well. It can give us peace during times of anxiety and lift our spirits in times of sorrow. Music means a lot when you create it, though, listening isn't bad either. Still, nothing will ever beat making music. The producer finds the benefits being much more satisfying than for people who only listen. 

The harmonica allows people who are normally challenged at learning instruments to start enjoying the satisfaction of creating music in a very short period of time. Needing to know how to read music is not a must for learning the harmonica. All you need is the music in your head to inspire you. It's just like humming or whistling. It will only take a few hours of practicing to learn the notes on a harmonica. After about a day at most, everything should start working, and it becomes natural. 

You can play your harmonica, much like how you'd sing a song, without even thinking. Just keep the song you want to express in your mind. The only real knowledge you need to play the harmonica is to go through the notes to know what sounds like what. Personal experience is the easiest way to learn an instrument like the harmonica. It won't take as long as you think to master! 

The harmonica is very small, so you can carry it everywhere. People who are obsessed with the harmonica will have it with them at all times. It's kind of nice if you're used to playing bigger instruments! The harmonica is pretty cheap too. You can get a good one for $10 to $20, at most. Being so small, harmonicas are very easy to break or lose. Luckily, at the low price, it's affordable to buy another one. Since the harmonica is one of the quieter instruments, you can play it anywhere without disturbing anyone. Neighbours or people passing by in public will probably enjoy the music! Nothing better than getting compliments from people you've never met before, wanting to congratulate on such a nice performance! 

You can produce original music on the harmonica. If you have a song that you prefer, you can figure out how to play it on your harmonica. As long as you have the song in your mind, you should be able to play it. When you really start to enjoy the harmonica, you should look into a blues harmonica, it can open a whole new world of possibilities! 

The first time you experience hearing yourself playing music on your harmonica, it won't be easy to stop. You will look for any opportunity you can get to show off your harmonica to impress everyone around you. It becomes a part of you. You can start playing the harmonica at any age, and compared to other instruments, it's extremely easy to get a feel for. A rating on the difficulty of learning the harmonica is 1/10.

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