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Learn to play the Violin
The violin is one of the most brilliant and influential instruments in the world, and has shaped some of the most vibrant and accomplished pieces of music ever written. Without the violin, the concept of an orchestra would likely fall apart. Learning to play the violin is something that parents should encourage is their child shows interest, as it is an extremely rewarding hobby that can improve both memory, math and concentration.

For anyone who is interested in taking up the violin, it should be noted that training should begin early in life. Many people have heard of the Suzuki method, which teaches that learning stringed instruments should be done within the first years of life, when a child's capacity for learning and exploration is at its peak. This has been proven effective time and time again, and is something that all parents should consider if they are interested in their child learning how to play a musical instrument. Since learning the violin can be somewhat difficult, it is best to start early on so as to eliminate the chances of obtaining bad habits.

Many people who learn to play the violin do so without taking lessons. However, this is considered to be very ill-advisable, as the instrument is extremely difficult to learn on one's own. Because of the possibility of picking up bad habits along the way, the violin should always be learned under the supervision of a professional instructor. While many people are able to learn how to play the guitar on their own, the violin requires an entirely different (and arguably more difficult) approach. Technique, reading sheet music and more should all be taught rather than learned on one's own.

That said, learning the violin the correct way does not have to be difficult. The most important factor is timing. As many people choose to rush everything in life these days, it doesn't take long before one realizes that this approach will not work when learning a musical instrument - especially the violin. Learning must be done slowly and methodically, without jumping ahead. Many people - especially children - find themselves getting quite frustrated in beginning stages, as practice can be considered mundane until one settles into a groove. Like anything else, practice becomes habit after a while, and for many it even becomes somewhat of an addiction. Since practice is the only way to improve on the instrument, it's best to learn this in the beginning stages.

Learning the violin as a child can open up many doors for the future. Most high-schools offer music programs that include the violin on their roster of instruments, and those who have been playing since a young age often find themselves performing in front of others before other people even begin learning the instrument. As an accomplished musician can make very good money performing, learning the instrument early is considered to be highly desirable.

If your child is interested in learning to play an instrument, the violin is an excellent springboard, and can improve one's quality of life for many years to come.

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